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Middle School College Preparation ChecklistRES Checklist-04
Freshman Year College Preparation Checklist
Sophomore Year College Preparation Checklist

Junior year is time to perfect a resume and finish researching. It is time to look for leadership opportunities in the clubs and organizations in which they are involved. Research colleges by visiting and talking to potential professors. Here is a Junior year college preparation checklist with a few things students can do to prepare.

Graphic_PHS_5 Numbers-01Build a Resume

  • Work hard getting good grades
  • Run for leadership positions in clubs and organizations
  • Get involved in extracurricular activities
  • Volunteer in the community

Graphic_PHS_5 Numbers_Artboard 2Qualify for Scholarships

  • Take the PSAT in October (to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship Competition)

Graphic_PHS_5 Numbers_Artboard 3Practice

  • Take ACT/SAT practice tests
  • Attend ACT/SAT preparation workshops
  • Take the ACT and/or SAT during the spring semester

Graphic_PHS_5 Numbers_Artboard 4Do the Research

  • Research possible colleges and request information from them
  • Visit college campuses (campus tour, visit with advisors/faculty, pick up admission packet)
  • Take solid elective courses (extra math, science, foreign language, social sciences, computers, etc.)
  • Get to know the admission criteria of the student’s top schools. Where do they stand in relation to those requirements? Work toward changing what they can (if they fall short).
  • What are their strengths and weaknesses? How can they help or hurt them in pursuing a future career?

Senior Year College Preparation Checklist

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