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In time for the 2020-21 school year, Premier High School – Granbury opened the doors to its new location at 883 Harbor Lakes Drive. While the new Premier High School building is a significant milestone in the 20-year history of ResponsiveEd, many can agree that it is a testament to the campus’ dedicated leadership and community.

Premier High School – Granbury Campus Director Marsha Grissom reinforces the district’s mission in Granbury, Texas to provide hope for students through an innovative, character-based, personalized learning environment. In addition, Grissom supports the mission by responding to the needs of the community she proudly serves. The resulting partnership between families, students, and staff creates an environment where everyone wins.

“We’re working together to complement this community and offer our kids’ alternatives that they don’t have anywhere else,” she said. “We know what they need, we know their parents, we know where they’re from in the community, and we can work with them individually and groom a program exactly for them where they’re feeling success every time they walk in the building.”

As the campus enters a new chapter, Grissom and staff are confident that the new building will serve as a tangible reminder for students of this success and greatness they have always proved capable of. “For the education of our students, for their sense of worth and pride, it is going to be exponential for our students,” one teacher said.

For most of Grissom’s students, attending a Premier High School means the opportunity to earn a diploma while juggling additional responsibilities, such as work or family obligations. An opportunity that, in previous years, has taken place in a non-traditional campus setting. “Our students have never had a cafeteria, they’ve never had a gym, and they’ve really never had any ownership to anything other than the six classrooms,” Grissom said. “They are so excited about having their own building in their own school.”

The Granbury community echoed these sentiments and expressed their admiration for the diligent leadership that got them here when the campus shared photos of its new building on social media. “This is so great and very much deserved,” one user said. “The kids will have so much fun learning in their new school,” another said.

Premier High School administration hopes that the new Premier High School – Granbury building will set the tone for campus buildings in the future. “We’ve always been proud of the program but now they can be proud of the building too,” Regional Director Bill Beveridge said.

You can learn more about Premier High School – Granbury and apply at


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