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Last year, Sarena Paterson was struggling to make it to class at her local public school. She suffers from severe social anxiety, and the demands of a traditional school environment was making it difficult for her to function.

“I felt so much pressure in the classroom and in the hallways. It was a lot to deal with,” said Sarena.

As Sarena began falling behind in her classes, her family knew they had to find a school where she could focus on learning in a more predictable, peaceful environment.

She found what she needed at Premier High School of Waco. At Premier, students work independently, completing their unit work on a schedule they set. Unless they need interventions or are taking a career tech class, they don’t typically change classrooms. This takes away many common distractions and allows students to focus on their studies.

“School use to be chaotic and stressful, but Premier is at your own pace and mainly independent work. A lot of the stress is gone, and I can get ahead,” said Sarena.

Starting her sophomore year at Premier the fall of 2015, Sarena is now two credits from completing her junior year. At the end of this school year, she is on track to finish those credits and begin her senior year.

“I use to hate school, and now I love it,” said Sarena.

She recommends that anyone who feels trapped in their education talk with their school and family

“Sometimes all you need is a change in environment,” she said.

Sarena plans on going to college after high school to earn a business degree. She hopes to start her own message therapy business.

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