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Long-time Texarkana teacher and administrator Heather McNeill will lead the new Premier High School of Texarkana, scheduled to open in August.

She believes ResponsiveEd’s new Premier High School will provide students in Texarkana with a fresh opportunity to earn their high school diploma.

“As a teacher, I saw students who did not graduate from high school. Everyone tried to help and fight for them. I remember one boy who had to quit because he had to support his family. He was very smart, but his family came first. The Premier program could have helped him graduate and be in an even better position to help his family,” she said.

The tuition-free charter school will help students get back on track with their degree plans, learn career skills and even graduate early through the program’s individualized curriculum.

Anthony Edwards, VP of School Activations for ResponsiveEd oversees all of the Premier schools.

“This is really the point, to be an important resource for communities. Premier helps ensure that all students graduate from high school and are in a good position to be successful with the next stage of their lives. Premier High School of Texarkana is not here to replace our local high schools, but to help them give every student an opportunity to be successful,” he said.

Mrs. McNeill most recently served as a district-wide testing coordinator. This role, as well as her years in the classroom, prepared her to run the new school.

“I have worked in our schools for a long time and understand what we need to do to help our students reach their academic potential. So many of them just need hope that someone is there to help them even if they have fallen behind or want to learn without all of the distractions of the typical high school experience. Premier High School will help them rebuild their confidence, pass their tests, and move on to college or where ever their goals take them,” she said.

Premier High School will open in August at 3448 Summerhill Road in Texarkana. It is in the process of being renovated. Until it is open, Ms. McNeill has a temporary office nearby at 3400A Summerhill Road.

Families interested in applying for grades 9-12 can do so online at or by stopping by the office during normal business hours.

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