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Emily Glover was falling behind at her local public high school. Academics had come easy to her brother, and most of her teachers expected the same from her. She did not share his natural ability and quickly got frustrated with her classes.

“I struggled with chemistry and math. I’d be in algebra and geometry and teachers were teaching a whole class at a fast pace. I wasn’t grasping things, and I would get behind,” said Emily.

Unable to meet the high expectations, Emily lost confidence in herself and her grades began to fall.

Knowing they couldn’t let the trend continue, Emily and her father started looking for a better option. They found Premier High School of Tyler. At Premier, she found what she needed to succeed. She found a school that was designed to help her learn at her own pace and set goals she could reach.

“The teachers always encouraged me through all the levels. They treated me like an individual, which is really important,” said Emily.

The Premier high school program requires students to master a concept before moving on to the next level. Students work at their own pace through Knowledge Units then take oral and written tests on the concepts. At Premier, Emily began to excel, and with the encouragement of teachers and staff, she realized she could go far beyond what she thought she could.

“Premier taught me to push myself to do my best, and I realized I could be a great student,” said Emily.

With renewed confidence in her school work, she began to look for a college. As she applied to schools, she kept in mind finances and her interests.

After assessing her options, she chose The University of North Texas (UNT) partly persuaded by the $20,000 scholarship they offered her.

Now in her junior year at UNT, Emily continues to excel. She finished her first two years with straight A’s and decided to major in public relations. She tried several subjects and realized that Public Relations was something that she enjoyed and also something that was challenging to her.

She credits Premier High School of Tyler with helping her build the self-discipline and confidence she needed to excel at college.

“Premier really prepared me for college. No one is there to force you to do your work and go to class, which is what Premier taught me to do,” said Emily.

Emily’s advice to all students is that college is a new start.

“Just because you may not have been the best student before it doesn’t mean you can’t be a great student in college,” said Emily.

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