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At ResponsiveEd’s classical academies, art is an important part of the curriculum. The art teacher at ResponsiveEd’s Northwest Arkansas Classical Academy, Robert Lemming, was recently featured in the Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette.

Mr. Lemming describes art as a form of communication, and he encouraged his students to take part in the Senior High Art Competition at the Arts Center of the Ozarks as a way to engage in this conversation.

“Showing your art is not only good for your ego, but it’s discovering you can be part of this conversation that has been going on as long as people have been painting in caves,” he said.

ResponsiveEd’s National Director of Classical Schools Scott Davis said an understanding of art is important for students to be well-rounded individuals.

“The Good, the True, and the Beautiful are the three pillars of classical education. As one of the oldest forms of communication, art is in important medium through which a student understands and expresses these three pillars,” said Davis.

Follow this link to read the story.

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