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On September 26, 2018, ResponsiveEd will join other schools, businesses, organizations and families by taking part in Character Day – an annual global initiative celebrating the importance of developing good character.

There will be various activities happening on our campuses such as student-body rallies, viewing parties for videos provided by Let it Ripple Film Studio (The Science of Character and 30,000 Days), as well as discussions, worksheets and other educational material.  ResponsiveEd is dedicated to influencing our students to practice and develop good character year-round through innovative, character-based, personalized learning environments.

We are asking that all of our ResponsiveEd families help promote the character virtues featured each month of our school year:

  • September – Self-control
  • October – Integrity
  • November – Honor
  • December – Gratefulness
  • January – Compassion
  • February – Wisdom
  • March – Humility
  • April – Justice
  • May – Courage

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