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At ResponsiveEd, our mission is to provide hope for students through innovative, character-based, personalized learning environments. We know that wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of our dedicated teachers and education support staff.

Watch Corinth Classical Academy students perform the surprise dance they have been practicing with Mrs. Perez for their teachers.

Tonya Davis – Jasper Classical Academy – Special Services Aide

Tonya Davis “always has a smile and kind word for everyone each morning.” She is always willing to pitch in and is such a great asset to Jasper Classical Academy. Thank you, Tonya.

Michael NewmanPasadena Classical Academy – 1st Grade Teacher

Michael Newman


Michael Newman from Pasadena Classical Academy coordinated the transformation of his school to Jurassic Park to help teach students about dinosaurs. From in-depth articles about dinosaurs to hands-on fossil digging, students were thrilled to go back in time! Thank you, Michael, for your creativity and dedication.


Seyward Prinz – Virtual Learning

Seyward Prinz

A fellow teacher said, “there is never a challenge that Seyward Prinz from Virtual Learning is not excited to take on. She is awesome!” We couldn’t agree more! Thank you, Seyward.




Heather Keel – Corinth Classical AcademySPED Teacher

Heather Keel

Ms. Keel “invests tirelessly in the Patriot Social Club helping to build leadership and personal growth while creating opportunities for students to practice basic social skills through games, role-playing, and social stories. She approaches each day with patience, perseverance, and professionalism.” Thank you, Heather.



Denise Hyland – Virtual Learning

Denise Hyland


Ms. Hyland is “very dedicated to her students…and always has a positive attitude.” Thank you for all you do, Denise!




Robert BurkeiSchool High of Lewisville Entrepreneurial Academy – History, Government & Business Teacher

Robert Burke

Mr. Burke developed an in-depth system to track students’ goals and achievements. A fellow teacher said, “I can’t emphasize enough how much extra work he has done, and how important it has been to our team’s success.” Thank you, Mr. Burke, for your tremendous efforts



Pam McIntre – Virtual Learning

Pam McIntire

Pam McIntire from Virtual Learning is “constantly monitoring progress and finding ways to help students get back on track.” Thank you, Pam, for your positive attitude and dedication.




Sonia Cedillo Humble Classical Academy – Kindergarten Teacher

Sonia Cedillo


Sonia Cedillo leads the bilingual team, tutors 3rd grade, and is Humble Classical Academy’s Teacher of the Year. Congratulations Ms. Cedillo!



Michelle CachoPremier High School – Fort WorthCTE/504 Coordinator

Michelle Cacho


Ms. Cacho “finds time for whoever needs help” and was nominated by students and staff. Thank you for all you do.




Martha LongoriaPremier High School – Pharr – Secretary

Martha Longoria


“There is absolutely no way that our school would run without” Ms. Longoria. Thank you, Martha, for your dedication!




Jonathan Olivares Premier High School – PharrLead Teacher

Jonathan Olivares


“It is remarkable when someone reminds us of the love and compassion that we can have for one another.” Mr. Olivares bought an injured teacher a cane to help her get around campus.



Leslie HudsonTexas Virtual AcademySPED 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher

Leslie Hudson


Leslie Hudson is the Special Education 8th Grade Social Studies Mod teacher at Texas Virtual Academy. “She makes her lessons fun and engaging while also holding her students to a high standard.” She is spectacular and is an “absolute asset” to the school.


Mary BeggsPremier High School – San Antonio EastLead Teacher

Mary Beggs


Students at Premier High School – San Antonio East have stepped up to help their beloved teacher, Mary Beggs, who needs a kidney transplant. She’s a single mom of three and “despite her situation, she still works hard and keeps a smile on her face. She is an amazing woman.” Learn more about Ms. Beggs here.


Precious Hicks – Tyler Classical Academy5th Grade Math Teacher

Precious Hicks


When a fellow teacher needed help at Tyler Classical Academy, Precious Hicks jumped in with support and inspirational ideas, all while completing her master’s degree and being a single mom. “She is an incredible math teacher, a true inspiration, and…deserves to be recognized for her hard work.”


Elizabeth DanforthCarrollton Classical AcademySpecial Education Instructional Support Teacher

Elizabeth Danforth


Ms. Danforth always go above and beyond with “helping students be successful.” Her patience and hard work have made a difference in every child who enters her room. Read more here.



Shannon Martin – Corinth Classical Academy – 6th and 7th Grade Math Teacher

Shannon Martin


Mrs. Shannon Martin from Corinth Classical Academy integrates learning styles by incorporating videos into her lessons. She goes above and beyond for each student and “her heart for teaching is incredible.”

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