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On August 22, students at ResponsiveEd’s Quest School of Pine Bluff had a chance to hear from Congressman Bruce Westerman and Senator Trent Garner. In addition to visiting the classrooms, they also met with the leadership team to discuss the school’s programs and Campus Director Dennis Felton’s new initiatives.

“The students were very excited about the visit. They were trying to wrap their heads around a congressman with an office in Washington D.C. visiting their campus,” says Felton. “Some of the students in our 4-H club had the opportunity to visit Washington D.C this summer so it resonated with them.”

Westerman encouraged the students to participate in the 2017 Congressional App Challenge, which is designed to engage students creatively and encourage them to participate in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education fields.

“We have a couple of students who are interested in programing and coding. Hearing from the congressman and senator was a great encouragement,” says Felton.

This year Felton is working to develop partnerships with local schools and businesses that will provide Quest School students additional STEM opportunities.

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