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ResponsiveEd’s mastery-based learning programs at its four iSchools have enabled 20 students to graduate with their associate’s degree. While the Houston iSchools are specifically early-college high schools and located on college campuses, the Amarillo and Lewisville iSchools also offer students the chance to complete an associate degree free of cost.

“We challenge each student with an engaging, rigorous and in-depth curriculum while creating a seamless transition between high school and college by compressing the timeline and increasing the opportunities to become college core complete and or earn an associate degree,” says Houston Regional Director Robert Riggs.

With the rising costs of college tuition, many students like iSchool High at University Park graduate David Rojas were drawn to the benefit of completing two years of college at no cost to them.

“Academically it showed me that I can accomplish greetings. It has also given me a head start among my peers and really taken a financial load off of my shoulders,” explains David.

Since she has already completed her associate degree, recent graduate Leah Pierre will be able achieve her dream of completing a double major in English and communications and a publishing masters in only three years. She is particularly grateful for the opportunities that iSchool has made possible for her.  

“I am really thankful that this type of school exists to give students who are willing to work hard for their education to do so and to get their associate degree at no cost. I hope to see more of them across the country,” says Leah.

iSchool High of Lewisville has two students receiving their associate degree along with their high school diploma.

“Our students have put in a great amount of hard work and shown great dedication and initiative. We are very proud of their accomplishments and look forward to their future success,” says Mr. Wilhelmi, Campus Director of iSchool High of Lewisville.

Congratulations to these iSchool High graduates who have earned their associate degree:

iSchool High of The Woodlands

  1. Benjamin Clark
  2. Katelyn McKinney
  3. Bethany Presswood
  4. Brianna Franklin
  5. Chloe Boen

iSchool High of University Park

  1. Janessa Barnett
  2. Daniella Hurtado
  3. Brittany McGarrah
  4. Elisabeth Robb
  5. Elana Castro
  6. Cecilia Mejlander
  7. Jessica Patcha
  8. David Rojas
  9. Kelsie Horn
  10. Emily Loera
  11. Leah Pierre

iSchool High of Lewisville STEM

  1. Jiyah Starks
  2. Abigail Carpus

iSchool High of Amarillo

  1. Shayne Briggs
  2. Leah Jarvis
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