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Tanya and Brad Bell are serious about helping communities in the west Texas region meet the needs of their students. With 30 years of combined education experience, a business background and a deep understanding of the needs in west Texas, they are focused on building strong ResponsiveEd schools that will support the community.

The Bells have worked together for years in their cattle business, and they have brought that sense of collaboration to their new roles. They know how to maximize each other’s strengths and knowledge to coordinate their efforts.

Mrs. Bell has served as a teacher, administrator and principal at local public schools for over 25 years.

“Through the Premier program I can have a direct impact on my students lives. Without a high school diploma, their future can be very limited, but often due to circumstances in their lives such as having to support their family, they need an education different from a traditional high school,” said Mrs. Bell.

Premier High School students work individually through knowledge units based on a personalized schedule. They can speed up their pace when they understand the content, or take extra time when they need more work on a particular lesson. Students must show mastery through oral and written tests before they move on to the next unit. The individualized nature of Premier allows for more flexibility when students need it.

Supporting the academic focus of his wife, Mr. Bell seeks to create new opportunities for students as ResponsiveEd’s west Texas development director.

“West Texas has grown so rapidly in recent years, and increased student needs place great demands on  the local public schools. Our job is to support the schools and students by providing an option that allows the flexibility and personalized environment normal schools can’t provide. I focus on building community and college partnership that will help our students gain a future through certification and dual credit,” said Mr. Bell.

Already they have formed a partnership with Midland College for dual credit classes, Diesel Technology, Welding Technology and Certified Nursing Aide (CNA) classes. Through the  welding and diesel technology certification program, students can enter the job market with an advantage over other graduates. If students want to go into nursing and pass their CNA classes and Clinicals, they are automatically accepted into the nursing program at Midland College.

Kalese Whitehurst, ResponsiveEd’s Chief of Staff, first connected Mr. and Mrs. Bell with ResponsiveEd because she believed together they could best help ResponsiveEd serve the wast Texas region.

“We are very lucky to have Brad and Tanya. We knew we needed someone from the community who knew the needs and opportunities of the region. They are a perfect team with Tanya’s phenomenal education record and understanding of students and Brad’s  business background and understanding of the business needs of the community,” said Mrs. Whitehurst.

For Brad and Tanya, their role in education is about providing hope.

“There is a great deal of hopelessness with the kids that struggle, and we need to give them an opportunity. If they don’t finish their school degree, they are not going to grow in a job or otherwise. My role is to meet them where they are, help them see what their dream is and guide them make those steps they need to take,” said Mrs. Bell.

Everyday they can see how their efforts are helping students and the community.

“One student I was talking to the other day was very worried about getting his welding certificate. His dad had lost his job and the student wanted to make sure he could get the certification so he could help support his family. Students like this should never miss out on an education or career certification because they are in difficult situations,” said Mr. Bell.

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