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North Texas-based ResponsiveEd will be providing iSchool Virtual Academy of Texas (iSVA), a new online academic program, this fall for the thousands of Texas students looking for an alternative to traditional school options. The charter operator currently serves more than 6,000 students in its virtual network.

iSVA will launch in August 2016, serving students in grades 3-12 who want a more personalized online school experience.

Micheal Wood, ResponsiveEd’s Director of Virtual Education, says the company found a need for a virtual school that can be adapted to each student and began offering its program online.

“In our experience, students have many different learning styles and needs. We are able to meet those needs with iSchool Virtual Academy of Texas’s curriculum and platform. Our teachers work with every student to create academic plans that include accelerated learning, projects that cross multiple subjects, flexible class times and recorded classes. It’s a very dynamic environment,” said Mr. Wood.

iSchool Virtual Academy of Texas’s curriculum is aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and will be taught by Texas certified teachers. The high school curriculum is currently being used at ResponsiveEd’s Premier High Schools, which has a strong track record of success, especially for students who have struggled in a traditional setting. The curriculum is completely online and designed to accommodate the learning needs of each student.

Students are assessed to determine if they have mastered the material and where they need additional assistance. If a student needs help, teachers are availed both during regular class times and after hours.

Monica Santiago, ResponsiveEd’s Dean of Virtual Education, believes the regular assessments and adaptability of the program will help meet the needs of students.

“A common concern with virtual education is that students slip through the cracks. With today’s tools and technology, we are able to track their progress and communicate easily with them. iSVA’s adaptable platform and easily accessible teachers should allow us to meet the needs of both the students who are able to work independently and those who need extra support,” she said.

The program features actual classes students join online. If they demonstrate mastery, they move ahead of the class on their own.

Families may apply to iSchool Virtual Academy of Texas at their website

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