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Nathan Sipp Conrad’s parents decided he needed an alternative to the local elementary school when they realized it was not meeting his academic and social needs. They believe they have found a solution in ResponsiveEd’s iSchool Virtual Academy of Texas (iSVA).

Read more about Nathan’s story in the Humble Observer. 

“He could finish weeks’ worth of spelling words in a day. He would get bored and check out. At that age, there were a lot of behavioral problems too. He was acting out because he was unhappy. Then, there was the bullying. We were concerned. He went to school without complaint every day, but we knew it was like going to a job you hate,” said his mother.

With his parents involvement and daily online classes with his teachers, Nathan is getting a personalized education that matches his learning pace.

While the social aspect of a virtual school concerned his parents at first, they now think it has improved his social skills because he is not constantly immersed in an overwhelming environment. Instead, he can be part of different clubs from cooking and technology clubs to a book writing club through his school in a more stable environment.

He gets out of the house through a karate class, class field trips and family travel.

“To me what is unique is that we now have a happy kid who isn’t stressed out about school and who has a social life. Now, he’s known as ‘the creative kid with awesome friends,” said his mother.

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