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Are you thinking of getting some college credits out of the way while in high school, but don’t know if it is worth it? There are two potential benefits of earning college credit in high school.

If you have an idea of what you want to study, taking advantage of dual credit or early college can save you time and money. For more information about how much you can save, see the chart below.

Credit Hours Public Four Year In-State Public Four Year Out of State Private Nonprofit Four Year
24-30 credit hrs $9,410 $23,893 $32,405
48-60 credit hrs $18,820 $47,786 $64,810
72-90 credit hrs $28,230 $71,679 $97,215
96-120 credit hrs $37,640 $95,572 $129,620
*Based on Nation average (

Today the average student takes up to six years to complete a bachelor’s degree. Switching majors multiple times or not know what you want to study before you are a junior can slow you down in college. While it is important to be flexible, it can also be costly. Taking advantage of college in high school can give you a way to try out classes without the cost and time.

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Making sure students graduate with maximized potential is a goal of all ResponsiveEd schools. Many of our high schools (Premier High Schools and iSchool High) offer either early college or dual credit programs.

Making sure you are taking full advantage of dual credit and early college can take a bit of research. Think about what you want to major in and where you want to go to school. Some schools won’t accept certain college credits.

Responsive Education Solutions has several campuses that allow students to complete college courses in high school.

A student can expect to pay an average $3,435 in tuition and fees as a full time student (a minimum of 12 credit hours) at public two year in-district, where a student would pay an average $9,410 in tuition and fees as a full time student (a minimum of 12 credit hours) at a public four year in-state university.

If you do intend to truly save money and time be sure to research the college or university you wish to attend.

Do You Know Where You Should be in the College Application Process?

Click your grade below for a grade specific college checklist to help you get better prepared for the college acceptance process.

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