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What would you expect from a day at your child’s school? Terry Lange, a parent from Founders Classical Academy of Flower Mound, had the opportunity to spend the day observing his son’s fourth grade class and shared a detailed account of his experience on his blog.

“We arrived at school around 7:30 a.m. I had a bottle of water, a pen and notepad, and no cell phone (the school asked me not to use it while on campus, so I decided to leave it at home). After being checked in and getting my visitors badge, we went upstairs to my son’s classroom,” he wrote.

He goes on to provided an account of what his son is learning in each class from intransitive verbs having no verbal object to the human nervous system. By sitting in, he gained insight into how to help his son in various subjects.

Follow the link to read about his day in the fourth grade at Founders Classical Academy of Flower Mound. 

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