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Parents across the state have increasingly asked for the return of daily recess and physical education. ResponsiveEd’s Founders Classical Academy of Leander made the news in February because of its commitment to keeping students engaged in class by providing frequent recess.

In Leander, Kindergarten through second grade students have three 15 minute recess breaks every day with an additional half-hour of physical education class. The recess breaks gradually decrease as the students get older.

Scott Davis, ResponsiveEd’s National Director of Classical Schools says incorporating physical activity is essential for academic growth.

“When you operate a school with high academic expectations, it is necessary that students stay alert and pay attention so that they can do their best throughout the day. The opportunity to take a break and release pent-up energy aids our academic program. Recess is not only for physical benefit, but for mental benefit in the classroom,” said Mr. Davis.

Read more about recess at Founders Classical Academy of Leander on KVUE and the Leander Patch.

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