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Grant Knoche is in eighth grade, but he also spends many of his weekends on tour with Kidz Bop. His music career makes it difficult for him to attend a traditional school so he enrolled in iSchool Virtual Academy of Texas (iSVA). Grant simply logs on to his computer to complete his course work and attend his classes.

“It is really amazing because it is a great opportunity to be able to go on the road and do what I love, but also I get to get my schoolwork done,” said Grant.

Other students such as 7th grader Jason Quinn chose to attend the virtual school because there were too many distractions in the traditional school. With a quieter atmosphere Jason has seen his grades improve.

“I used to have lower 70s in regular school, now I have high 80s to high 90s,” said Grant.

Watch Jason Wheeler from News 8 report to see more of their story.

Texas Virtual Academy run through a partnership between K12 Inc. and Responsive Education Solutions.

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