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The 2015 senior class at ResponsiveEd’s charter schools were awarded more than $3 million in scholarships and grants for 50 colleges and universities across the country.

Graduates from four of ResponsiveEd’s schools were collectively awarded $1.9 million in scholarships. iSchool High STEM in Lewisville was awarded $1,043,460 between 11 students. Founders Classical Academy of Lewisville was awarded $804,435 between eight students. iSchool High in The Woodlands was awarded $76,750 in scholarship between three students. iSchool High University Park was awarded $49,000 between two students.

Campus director at iSchool High STEM in Lewisville, Johannes Starks, says they emphasize the importance of graduating from college debt free.

“Here at STEM we say that money should never be a barrier to higher academic pursuits. We work hard with our students to get them accepted to their school of choice. So starting their junior year, we require every student to set aside an hour every week to apply for scholarships,” said Mrs. Starks.

Students from ResponsiveEd’s Premier High Schools (a credit recovery program) were collectively awarded $1.1 million in scholarships and grants. Premier High School of Mission, located in the Rio Grande Valley, helped its students earn $224,230.

Laura Thatcher, director of the Mission campus, said their focus is getting students to plan for their future. From making sure the students complete paperwork and know deadlines, to hosting a college speakers series, the campus staff makes sure the student have the resources they need.

“I have a great teacher who makes a big chart showing the amount of money our students have been awarded. Everyone from our students to our staff track its progress. It is about being very persistent that our students meeting the required goal of 100% acceptance in to college,” said Ms. Thatcher.

There are many resources available help to students research scholarships. Some places to look are the College BoardFast Web, and College Data. In addition to local and national groups that offer scholarships, many states also provide scholarships.

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