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This year ResponsiveEd launched CTE courses at 12 of the Premier High School campuses and opened a Premier High School with a particular emphasis on CTE. Victor Jones, ResponsiveEd’s director of Career and Technical Education is guiding the initiative. Mr. Jones explains the benefits for students taking CTE classes.

Q: What is CTE?
A: CTE stands for Career and Technical Education. CTE classes address the needs of high-growth industries and helps close the skills gap. The schools offer courses aligned with student interest and job opportunities in the community.

Q: What CTE courses do we offer at our campuses?
A: We currently offer five different Career Clusters: Business Management and Administration; Health Science; Information Technology; Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security; and Arts A/V Technology and Communications.

Q: What led ResponsiveEd to start incorporating CTE into Premier High School?
A: ResponsiveEd provides hope to students by offering choices and opportunities. When we looked at the demographic at our Premier High schools we realized our students could benefit from focused courses helping them gain experience and certification employment while in high school and college and after school.

Q: What is the future of CTE for ResponsiveEd high schools?
A: The goal is to have an active CTE program on every PHS campus. The courses will provide students with engaging lessons that prepare them to achieve in 21st century environments with current skills and methods. Due to the vast differences from campus to campus, each PHS will have a program that caters to their community demographics and student interests. The ultimate objective is to provide opportunities for students to obtain industry certifications which will allow for greater post-secondary opportunities for both college and career paths. CTE prepares them for the ever-changing world of work, which means not only college readiness, but career readiness.

Q: What does CTE look like on Premier High School campuses?
A: Each CTE course is directly taught to students which provides them with opportunities for collaboration, experiences to meet and speak with industry experts, and the skills necessary for success within the targeted industry. Students enrolled in CTE courses obtain credits for successful completion which also count as credit in House Bill 5 endorsement areas. Postsecondary education is encouraged for all students and skills are taught to provide students with a higher level of success.

Q: What are the benefits of taking CTE courses in high school?
A: There are numerous benefits of CTE courses and they differ depending on the student. However, the main benefit is it gives students an edge in preparing for the workforce. Some of the benefits are:
• Knowledge of industry standards
• Salary expectations within each career
• Networking opportunities
• Opportunities to earn national certifications
• Experiences that build confidence and understanding
• Employability skills

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