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Students from iSchool High STEM in Lewisville tested their experiment in zero-gravity with the help of NASA. The experiment tests how zero-gravity affects the human heart. NASA selected their experiment for testing aboard a special NASA plane designed for zero-gravity experiments.

Their journey began in May of 2014 when iSchool High STEM was one of sixteen high schools accepted into NASA’s High School Student United with NASA to Create Hardware (HUNCH) Extreme Science Program.

Stacy Hale developed NASA HUNCH in 2003 because she thought high school students could help NASA build cost-effective hardware needed to help train ISS astronauts.

After eighteen rejected projects, iSchool High students had an experiment design in March of 2015 that NASA accepted for experimentation aboard a zero-gravity aircraft.

Sebastian Robertson of WFAA-TV interviewed the students about NASA helping get their experiment off the ground.


iSchool High

The students were testing how the circulatory system acts in space. The students explain how their experiment works.

iSchool High

In the days leading up to the launch, the project was recognized at the NASA HUNCH Award Ceremony.

iSchool High


Their experiment took flight April 30th a the Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX.

iSchool High

NASA shared a video of the fun the students had in flight.


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