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Premier High Schools (PHS) are proud to offer a self-directed academic program that eliminates distractions and allows students to focus on credit recovery or early graduation. To provide students with a positive high school experience, the teaching staff is dedicated to continuous learning and growing professionally and personally.

Administration from Premier High Schools across Texas and Arkansas came together at Summers Mill Retreat & Conference Center in Belton, Texas for two days of learning about how to uncover and overcome personal constraints. PHS operator ResponsiveEdⓇ has partnered with Leadership Blueprint for a professional development series focused on ‘Capturing Kids Hearts.’ In this initial session, the staff learned the importance of building relationships with staff and opening lines of communication. PHS staff related to their trainer Brad McCoy, father of University of Texas quarterback Colt McCoy and former educator. “This was a great experience for or Premier leaders and I am confident that they were able to take something away from their experience,” says ResponsiveEd Director of Training Ashlee Stockin.

Premier High School will continue this professional development series into the summer and put these techniques to use in the 2019-2020 school year and beyond. “This training has the capacity to support the culture in all of our Premier High Schools since relationships are at the core of one’s performance,” says Director of Premier Academics Rosalinda Gonzales. “I look forward to the continued personal and professional development.”


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