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Written by: Elizabeth Camarena and Rosalinda Gonzalez, Executive Directors of Premier High School

Now in its second year, the Premier High School Symposium for Teacher Excellence provides attendees with more than just professional development, it allows teachers to connect with other experienced educators and collaborate on best practices.

Initially, the purpose of the Symposium was to recognize excellent teachers within the district, but after its inception, it has grown into a platform for great teachers to provide valuable insight for their colleagues. This year, the Premier High School Leadership and Training team partnered with the ResponsiveEdⓇ Professional Development team organized a framework by which Symposium attendees could organize the tricks, tips, and habits they have developed through their years of service in our mastery-based setting. By memorializing the practices which make a Learning Center successful, we hope to improve our training materials and a library of resources for teachers who are new, struggling, or in need of some inspiration.

Attendees have the opportunity to learn more about the resources they use and the ResponsiveEd teams that support them.

Our Symposium turned into a purposeful work session with the common theme of, “Teachers Helping Teachers.” Our goal is to continue this effort and build a wide network of teacher-leaders (aka ambassadors) who are willing to learn as much as they are willing to teach. We owe a special “Thank You” to Ruben Gonzalez for his leadership efforts and the expertise of the training department for all of their hard work in helping the Symposium come together.

We want to applaud the efforts of the amazing group of teachers who sacrificed time away from their schools and families in order to participate in the 2019 Premier High School Symposium for Teacher Excellence. You all embody what it means to be a servant leader, THANK YOU!

Hannah Bridgewater, Austin          Sergio Femat, Palmview

Casey Brucker, Amarillo                  Charlie Kelly, Granbury

Jose Casanova, Brownsville            Iris Magallan, San Juan

Sharon Jones, New Braunfels         Edgar Martinez, Palmview

Anavel Garcia, Del Rio                      Blake Mathews, Austin

Kristen Hansen, Amarillo                 April Mullins, Lubbock

Luis Herrera, El Paso West              Claudia Salim, Mission

Danielle Hosier, Midland                  Vanessa Smith, Waco

Myra Jaramillo, Brownsville            Joon Suh, El Paso East

Julia King, Abilene                              Jennifer Kasapi, Central Region

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