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Middle School College Preparation ChecklistRES Checklist-02

Freshman year college preparation is about becoming more aware of the future. Strong academics are key, but schools also consider extracurricular activities. Freshmen should try things out. At this level, students don’t need to specialize or decide what they will be doing for the next ten years, but this is a good time to see what they like and don’t like, what their strengths and weakness are, and what jobs or majors they might be interested in.

Graphic_PHS_5 Numbers-01Build a resume

  • Enroll in a high school that is academically challenging
  • Get involved in extracurricular activities
  • Volunteer in the community

Graphic_PHS_5 Numbers_Artboard 2Build some savings

Graphic_PHS_5 Numbers_Artboard 3Maintain high grades for scholarships

Graphic_PHS_5 Numbers_Artboard 4Enter essays and speech contests and science fairs/contests for scholarships and awards

Graphic_PHS_5 Numbers_Artboard 5Do the research

  • Start to attend events on college campuses (plays, seminars)
  • Start a file with information about colleges

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