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Students from Founders Classical Academies in Schertz and Leander took a stand for school choice at the National School Choice Week rally at the capitol in Austin January 28. They listened to speeches from Governor Greg Abbott and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick as well as heard stories from parents and students about how school choice made a difference in their lives.

Sixth and seventh graders from Founders Classical Academy of Schertz visited the capitol and let their representatives know that school choice has made a difference in their lives.

Headmaster Nathaniel Rea said the event offered a great opportunity to help students visualize the political process they learn about in the classroom.

“As a school focused on the Founding Fathers and responsible virtuous citizenship, it is important that our students experience government in action. The rally was a great opportunity for them to see the proper process for peaceful appeal on an issue that directly relates to them,” said Mr. Rea.

In addition to educating students to be responsible virtuous citizens, ResponsiveEd values providing a range of educational options. Michael Terry, Superintendent of ResponsiveEd’s Founders Classical Academies, believes National School Choice Week is a great opportunity for ResponsiveEd to highlight how it is providing options families need.

“We want families to not just have a quality choice, but a range of them. ResponsiveEd has introduced classical academies, early college and STEM programs and credit recovery schools all within close proximity to one another. As educators, we need to be creating schools that address the varied academic needs for our students,” said Mr. Terry.

Beyond attending the rally, ResponsiveEd schools across Texas and Arkansas spent the week celebrating school choice.

Premier High School of Little Rock students had the special opportunity to hear a fellow classmate, Meagan Alexander, speak at the National School Choice Week rally at the Arkansas Capitol.

Premier High School of Texarkana hosted a special event with community leaders to discuss how the school can better support the needs of the community.

Students at Clay Classical Academy celebrated their school pride with an ice-cream social, school tours and a block party, with radio station K104 broadcasting from their campus.

At Corinth Classical Academy and Premier High School of Del Rio, students, parents and teachers shared why they chose their school and how it has made a difference in their lives. Benjamin Olivo, a student at Premier High School of Del Rio said his charter school was a great fit because the individually paced curriculum will allow him to complete high school in three years and graduate with twelve college credits.

Amie Giacumakis the campus director at Corinth Classical said the week was a great way to remember that having a choice is an opportunity not everyone has.

“We have families that pass six school each day, just to get to our school. We have a family that travel over an hour to attend our school. Hearing from parents, teachers, students everyday this week really helped to remind us that we are lucky to have a choice,” said Ms. Giacamakis.

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