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History helps us understand other people and societies as well as provide us with a sense of identity.  Learning history can be accessed in many ways outside of textbooks. Biographies, plays, documentaries, historical landmarks, and museums are just a few ways to learn history outside of the classroom.




  1. Find local re-enactments events and historical societies.
  2. Visit historical landmarks and museums.
  3. Make a salt map of your city, state or country.
  4. Map locations you are traveling to during the summer or the locations of family and friends.
  5. Research the history of the location you are traveling to or your own city.
  6. Ask family members or friends about historical events they witnessed. Write about what you learned.
  7. Research one person in history (map where they lived, what they stood for, etc.).

Learning History Websites

Many cities also have events. See the following links.

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