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Students at iSchool High of Hickory Creek walked the red carpet in New York City at the premier of their short film “Clairvoyant” in the All American High School Film Festival. Theirs was one of 400 films chosen from 14,000 submissions across the world to premier at the AMC theater in Times Square on October 10.

Ashley O’Bannon-McClain reported  in the Lake Cities Sun (iSchool High students head to NYC and iSchool High students attend NYC festival).

Parker Wallace, film and audio teacher at iSchool High, said the experience of producing a high quality film will give his students an advantage if they pursue a future in the industry.

“Some of my students are UCLA bound, Full Sail bound or in the process of applying to major film schools, and a project like this is a huge foot in the door that they can put on their resume. They put a ton of work into this, and they’re excited to see the reward,” Wallace said.

iSchool High students Noah Duran, Natalie White, Tyler Speights, Jackson Reding and David Gutierrez, gained a new perspective in the process of producing “Clairvoyant.”

“Overall, it was incredible. Clairvoyant’ literally changed my life and gave an entirely new perspective on film-making,” White said.

To read more about the student’s excitement before heading to New York City, click here.


iSchool High students, from left, David Gutierrez, Noah Duran, Jackson Reding, Tyler Speights and Brandon Speights pose on the red carpet at the Teen Indie Awards at the All American High School Film Festival in New York City.

The student’s film was nominated for best visual effects, but did not win. For many of the students, the experience of the film festival was enough.

“I realize, no matter winning or losing, we had an incredible opportunity to network and meet other directors. It was a blast seeing Clairvoyant on the big screen. I am thankful to our film teacher, Mr. Wallace, for showing us what it takes to get there,” Speights said.

To read more about the student’s trip, read Ashley O’Bannon-McClain’s story for the Lake Cities’ Sun.

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