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Responsive Education Solutions (ResponsiveEd®) is opening three new Premier High School campuses in Texas for the 2015-2016 school year. The new credit recovery schools in Pflugerville, East El Paso and San Antonio will provide students with an opportunity to get back on track with their degree plans. Through a mastery-based academic program, the schools offer students early graduation options, a flexible schedule and credit recovery.

With the addition of the three new campuses, ResponsiveEd will operate 34 Premier High School campuses in Texas and Arkansas. Anthony Edwards, executive director of school operations for Premier High Schools, oversees the schools.

“It is really important to make as many Premier High Schools available as possible to students who need a fresh start. There just are not enough graduation options for our students. Our programs offer a vital way for students in the area to earn their high school diplomas early or complete something they might not otherwise finish and get ready for college and careers,” he said.

Premier High School of San Antonio

The new Premier High School of San Antonio is already gaining recognition in the Windcrest community. Luis Gonzalez, the new campus director, has spent the past five months getting to know local families so that the school can best serve its students. He has also gained the support of city officials and marched in the 4th of July parade this summer.

As he opens the Windcrest campus, Dr. Gonzalez plans to develop clubs and opportunities to help students with their different needs and goals. Based on current student interests, he intends to start a National Honors Society chapter, a creative writing class, an internship program with the local businesses, and find publishing opportunities for students.

Most recently serving as a School Administrator for a number of years out of state, Dr. Gonzalez is excited to provide opportunities to Premier students.

“We engage in a partnership that we believe is important between the student, parent and school. We look to create a strong partnership between all three. Our theme this year is developing habits of heart, mind, and voice. It embraces the umbrella of learning content as well as developing character and community involvement,” said Dr. Gonzalez.

All of the teachers and staff have been hired and the school building is undergoing remodeling in preparation for the school year. Premier High School of San Antonio is currently accepting applications for the 2015-2016 school year. To apply, call 1-877-737-0010 or visit the school’s website The new campus is located at 4941 Walzem Rd., Windcrest, TX, 78239.

For those interested in learning more, the school is having parent interest meetings August 18th and 20th at Windcrest United Methodist Church; 8101 Midcrown Dr., Windcrest, Texas 78239.

Premier High School of East El Paso

ResponsiveEd has been present in the El Paso community for more than five years through its Premier campus on the west side of town. However, with the rapid growth on the east side, Eduardo Servin, new campus director of Premier of East El Paso, said that there was a need for an additional school to serve that area.

Laura Dominguez, campus director at Premier High School of El Paso, said that she has seen a high demand for the Premier education and is glad the is expanding as the commute has become difficult for a number of her students coming from the east side of town.

“Here you have teachers who are invested in the kids, we are a small campus, and we know everyone by name. We know where they need to be academically and otherwise, but we want to make sure it is easy for them to get to us,” said Ms. Dominguez.

In her five years at Premier, Ms. Dominguez said many students come from situations where they only interacted with their teachers if they were having behavioral or academic problems. They appreciate the personal attention they receive at Premier.

Ms. Dominguez and Dr. Servin plan to collaborate and have events that involve both El Paso campuses.

“We are excited to be able to provide El Paso students with better access to an individualized educational experience available at our Premier High Schools. I encourage anyone interested in a self-directed education that enables both credit recovery and accelerated learning, to attend our open house events on August 18th and 20th,” said Dr. Servin.

For those interested in more information about the new school, call 1-877-737-0010, visit their website at, or stop by the campus at 8720 Gateway E., El Paso, TX 79907.

Premier High School of Pflugerville

ResponsiveEd is opening a Premier High School in Pflugerville to provide students in the North Austin area with a new educational option. Paulita Zuniga has taken on the position of campus director. This will be her fourth year serving as a campus director of a ResponsiveEd school in Austin.

Ms. Zuniga said that outside of Austin ISD Premier High School of Pflugerville is the only dropout recovery program in the area and she believes that Premier is providing a much-needed option to students who may find themselves outside of the traditional school.

From her own personal experience serving as a campus director at another Austin-area Premier High School, Ms. Zuniga says she thinks the alternative Premier High School offers is important.

“I love the individualized learning. I’ve seen the success over the past three years and how kids do really well with it. Students like the flexible hours, the individualized learning and the small learning environment. I have seen success with all three,” she said.

All of the teachers come from previous experience teaching in Premier High Schools. In addition to the academics, they hope to have a National Honors society, year book club, and a senior committee.

The new campus is located at 616 FM 685, Pflugerville, TX 78660. They will be having parent interest meetings and opportunities to tour the school. To apply, call 1-877-737-0010, visit the website, or stop by the campus.

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