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An American Classical Education

Our classical education is designed for a free people. It follows the vision of the American Founders and other civic leaders and educators throughout our history. This vision holds that a traditional, liberal education is the surest foundation for individual flourishing and leads, through a robust yet civil conversation about our well-being, to civic freedom, justice, and happiness for all.


Founders Classical Academy Distinctives

  • We focus on the development of virtue (such as self-governance and civility)
  • We use a knowledge-rich curriculum designed to promote liberty.
  • We seek to foster a spirit of inquiry in students.
  • Standardized tests do not drive the curriculum.
  • Literacy is taught through explicit phonics, traditional grammar, and composition.
  • Latin is an integral part of the curriculum.
  • Mathematical and scientific knowledge are pursued for their own sake, as well as for their practical applications.
  • Literature and history instruction are rooted in primary sources and in great books.
  • Instruction in the Fine Arts includes theory, history, and performance.
  • Students are trained in study skills, planning, organization, and note taking.
  • Importance is placed on physical fitness.
  • Extra-curricular academic and athletic activities are offered and encouraged at the middle and high school level.

At Founders Classical Academies, we offer a content-rich, comprehensive curriculum based on a mastery of reading, writing and arithmetic, a systematic study of language, a fact-driven and inquiry-based study of the sciences, and a thorough study of the classic works of the Western and American tradition.
Through our program, we aim to develop in every student the academic potential and personal character, regardless of cultural or racial background, socio-economic status, or ability level, and thus to graduate all students fully prepared to participate as intelligent, responsible, and active members of their community.

Curriculum Overview


In grades 6-12, all core courses not designated as Advanced Placement courses are Honors courses.
Students can earn two high school credits of Latin, a half credit of Logic, and one credit of Algebra I in grades 6-8 (not all campuses offer logic).
*Students that have earned three credits of Latin may continue on in Latin or take other electives. Students enrolled after grade six will begin with Latin I.
**Available to juniors and seniors that have completed the Latin requirement and that are in good standing with credits.

Our Mission
Founders Classical Academy seeks to provide a well-rounded education that is distinctively classical, pursues knowledge, promotes virtue, and prepares students for prosperous lives in a free society.
Knowledge, Virtue, Liberty
In order to maintain our individual liberties and our societal freedoms, we must have a well-educated and virtuous citizenry.


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