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Beyond the academics, ResponsiveEd’s schools value teaching students about character, civic responsibility and community involvement. Supporting these values, several ResponsiveEd schools hosted a Veterans Day event this November.


At Corinth Classical Academy Veterans Day is an important event. Teacher and veteran Michelle Davison works hard to make sure veterans can feel the school’s appreciation at the Veterans Day program the school hosts every year. With three choirs, two orchestras, the speech and debate team reciting MacArthur’s speech “Duty, Country, Honor,” the Denton Civil Air Patrol color guard, a retired Marine Corps Colonel serving as the MC, a WWII veteran and a flag folding ceremony, Ms. Davison made sure both students and veterans had something to remember.

“It is such an honor to thank these men and women in a personal way. From the t-shirts that we gave them, to the slideshow with photos of the veterans sent in by family members, to the brunch and social hour afterwards, we invite them to share a part of their day with us because we truly appreciate them and want to make them feel special. The day is about gratitude as well as education,” said Ms. Davison.

Being thankful was also the theme at Humble Classical Academy’s event hosted by the social committee. Students, parents, faculty and staff showed their appreciation for the nearly 40 veterans who attend the breakfast and ceremony. During the ceremony a student from each grade level recited an essay or poem they had written on what freedom means to them. The veterans then gave presentations on why they entered the military and how they served.

Alyson Kelly, campus director at Humble Classical Academy, said the event helped reinforce ResponsiveEd’s emphasis on character education and gave students an opportunity to show their thankfulness.

“There were a lot of questions, dialog and conversation during the event. Hearing people they knew personally, from teachers to grandparents, talk about their experiences really had an impact on the students. We can talk about the importance of being thankful, but events like this make it real,” said Ms. Kelly.

Community Participation

In addition to their Veterans Day school event, fifth through seventh graders at Founders Classical Academy of Schertz (San Antonio) sang at the city’s Veterans Day Memorial Ceremony. The event was punctuated by a visit from one of the original Tuskegee Airmen (see our virtue profile on wisdom).

Nathanael Rea, Headmaster at Founders Classical Academy of Schertz, said the event was a great way for students to participate in the civic life of the community.

“With the Randolph Air Force Base just a few miles away, there is a large military presence in this community. Despite the rain, this event was a great opportunity for our students to experience how they are part of the larger civic body of our city, state and country beyond our classroom and school. Participating in honoring these men and women, serves to remind our students that even at their age they can be contributing members of their community,” said Mr. Rea.


Students at Edinburg Classical Academy also hosted a ceremony with breakfast, songs, and stories about family members who served in the military.

As the daughter of a veteran, campus director at Edinburg Classical Academy Alicia Luna believes the day serves as an opportunity to remember why people serve in the military.

“It is often easy to forget the purpose of our men and women serving in the military. They are fighting for our freedom and the principles of our country so that our children can live, learn and grow. Hearing people share about their loved ones really brings home the responsibilities we have as citizens,” said Ms. Luna.

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