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Today’s world is dominated by computers. Whether you are working in music, journalism, health science, business, education, manufacturing, public safety or science it is likely you will need Information Technology (IT) help. Within the IT career cluster there are four programs of study that help you gain experience and knowledge to work in IT. The four programs are listed below with a job example. For information about more IT jobs, follow this link.

  1. Electrical and Electronic Installer, Transportation Equipment
  2. Electromechanical Technician
  3. Electrical Engineer
  4. Computer Science Teacher, Postsecondary
  5. Computer and Information Scientist, Research

Graphic_PHS_5 Numbers-01Electrical and Electronic Installer, Transportation Equipment

  • Job Description: Install, adjust, or maintain mobile electronics communication equipment, including sound, sonar, security, navigation, and surveillance systems on trains, watercraft, or other mobile equipment.
  • Growth: 9%
  • Wage: $40,423
  • Openings: 100
  • Education: Postsecondary award. The majority of employees have at most a high school diploma or some college.

Graphic_PHS_5 Numbers_Artboard 2Electromechanical Technician

  • Job Description: Operate, test, and maintain unmanned, automated, servo-mechanical, or electromechanical equipment. May assist engineers in testing and designing robotics equipment.
  • Growth: 10%
  • Wage: $49,334
  • Openings: 100
  • Education: Associate’s degree. The majority of employees have some college.

Graphic_PHS_5 Numbers_Artboard 3Electrical Engineer

  • Job Description: Design, develop, test, or supervise the manufacture and installation of electrical equipment, components, or systems for commercial, industrial, military, or scientific use.
  • Growth: 14%
  • Wage: $92,784
  • Openings: 2,050
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree. The majority of employees have a four-year college degree.

Graphic_PHS_5 Numbers_Artboard 4Computer Science Teacher, Postsecondary 

  • Job Description: Teach courses in computer science. May specialize in a field within computer science, such as the design and function of computers or operations and research analysis.
  • Growth: 33%
  • Wage: $75,544
  • Openings: 800
  • Education: Master’s degree. Most employees a four-year college degree or better.

Graphic_PHS_5 Numbers_Artboard 5Computer and Information Scientist, Research

  • Job Description: Conduct research into fundamental computer and information science as a theorist, designer, or inventor. Solve or develop solutions to problems in the field of computer hardware or software.
  • Growth: 22%
  • Wage: $95,538
  • Openings: 550
  • Education: Doctoral degree. Most employees have a four-year college degree or better.

While only five occupations are highlighted here, students can find more information at America’s Career InfoNetCompetency Model ClearinghouseOccupational Information Network, and the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook.


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