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When John Bailey graduates in May from iSchool High in the Woodlands, he will climb the stage as a senior in high school and will exit a junior in college.

He, like all of his classmates, participates in a highly specialized early college high school program. Run in association with Lone Star College, students take high school and college classes at the same time.

“iSchool High has helped me tremendously. I am currently finishing up my 49th college credit and will finish the remaining in the spring. Before coming to iSchool High, I was a little nervous about the early college aspect. I wasn’t sure what that really meant, but teachers at iSchool High helped me. They gave me one-on-one time to make sure I truly understood each subject,” said Bailey.

iSchool High in the Woodlands and iSchool High in University Park, both in the Houston area, are specifically designed to help students earn up to 60 college credits and possibly graduate with an their associates degree.

Bailey said his parents loved the idea of an early college high school. His mother, Kristy Bailey, has been pleased with what the school has had to offer.

“iSchool has given John the freedom to pursue his education at an accelerated pace which is important to him. Over the past few years at iSchool, John has taken increasingly more ownership of his education and has enjoyed seeing the results of his hard work. He has successfully mastered the art of balancing high school, college, and work, a valuable skill that will benefit him in life. Graduating with an associates degree will give John a huge (free) head start as he completes his education at a university,” said Kristy Bailey, mother of John Bailey.

When Bailey came to iSchool High three years ago, his goal was to become a film director. During his time at iSchool High, Bailey has been introduced to new subject areas. He now plans to pursue business studies in his next phase of college.

Bailey attributes his success to diligence, hard work, the support of his teachers and a great mentor in School Director Robert Riggs.

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