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In the words of a famous dialogue found in the “Laws” by Plato, “but if you ask what is the good of education in general, the answer is easy, that education makes good men, and good men act nobly.” At ResponsiveEd schools, we also believe that the goal of education is to produce not only strong academics but also virtuous students who act nobly.  

As many schools have increasingly recognized, individuals of character and virtue are essential for the flourishing of society. In the article “Character Education: As Important as Academics,” the author addresses recent increases in the frequency of  violence at schools and the role such disturbances plays in refocusing schools on teaching character.

Many schools have come to the conclusion that promoting  character education results in a  more safer and more positive school environment, deeply dedicated students with strong academic habits, a reduction in discipline problems and—ultimately—good citizens. Bullying, disrespect, cheating, tardiness, vandalism, profanity and drug abuse are less prevalent where good character is actively reinforced. Without the distractions of bad behavior, teachers and students are able to focus on developing the discipline and habits that foster learning.

ResponsiveEd’s classical schools’ focus on the Good, the True, and the Beautiful through a classical curriculum. The natural outcome of this curriculum is students who understand and appreciate virtue. Virtue is primarily taught at the schools through the great literature and history of the classical curriculum as well as through the example of great teachers.

With a strong history and literature curriculum that exposes students to great heroes and villains, great teachers can also guide questions of about big ideas that challenge students to strive for excellence in both academics and behavior. It naturally leads to questions such as: What is justice? What does it mean to be a good person when no one is looking?

In addition to a curriculum steeped in virtue, many of ResponsiveEd’s classical schools have events and programs that reinforce virtue in thought as well as in action. ResponsiveEd sponsors a character program that emphasizes a different virtue in action each month. Several schools have launched a house system to encourages positive behavior. Founders Classical Academy of Lewisville most recent annual Bill of Rights Colloquium focused on the role character plays in safeguarding liberty.

Great teachers are instrumental to guiding all aspects of a child’s development: intellectual, emotional, social and ethical. Great teachers understand the value of high character and cultivate a classroom environment in which it can prosper. If you’re an educator or subject matter expert interested in sharing the rewards of virtuous behavior with students in a unique charter school setting, apply to be a ResponsiveEd teacher today.

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