In our appearance we show our opinions about ourselves, show respect for what we are doing, and respond to those with whom we spend our time. We dress up when we take something or someone seriously, and through our appearance we communicate that respect. Clothes can distract and prevent others from devoting their energy and attention to their school work. Our goal is to minimize such distractions and to foster a healthy respect for school, for teachers, for fellow students, and for ourselves.


Founders Mesquite is pleased to be working with Affordable Uniforms to bring high quality uniforms to our school. Parents may purchase uniforms online or at the store. Please purchase uniforms on Affordable Uniforms’ online store here:

You may also visit their store at:

7014 Bruton Road, Dallas, Texas 75217

Please download our uniform flyer for your reference:

English Flyer

Spanish Flyer

Personal Appearance and Dress Code Policies

Shirts should be tucked in at all times, and students should strive for a neat and respectable appearance. Girls should avoid overly tight clothing, and boys should avoid overly baggy pants. Girls’ skirts and dresses should be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee, and shorts should be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee. No undergarments should be visible.

Hair should be clean and well groomed. Unnatural hair coloring or streaking are not permitted. Words, symbols, and designs shaved into hair are not allowed. Boys’ hair should not touch the collar of the shirt when the boy is standing, and sideburns should be neatly trimmed and extended no longer than the bottom of the earlobe. Boys must be clean-shaven. No facial hair is allowed.

Tongue rings, and other visible body piercings, including nose and eyebrow rings, are not permitted. No gauges may be worn in pierced ears. Girls may wear earrings centered on the earlobe that are simple studs or hanging earrings, provided that they hang no lower than ¼ inch below the earlobe. Only one earring per ear is allowed.

Boys may not wear any earrings.

Girls in Grades 6-9 may wear makeup that is natural in appearance and not distracting.

Visible body tattoos and body art are not allowed, and neither are grills or temporary decorations on teeth.

Hats, scarves, bandanas, hair coverings, sweatbands, or hooded shirts are not allowed except under circumstances designated by the Headmaster.

Chains, handcuffs, jewelry, or accessories that suggest weaponry are not allowed.

Shoes, Socks, and Tights

Students must wear closed-toed, closed-heeled dress or tennis shoes in black, dark brown, navy blue, or white. Shoes with white soles or white markings are allowed, but students must avoid brightly colored soles, stripes or other colorful markings. Shoelaces should be white, gray, black, brown, or navy blue. Dress shoes should be brown or black.

Students may not wear boots, Uggs, Crocs, sandals, flip-flops, moccasins, or slippers.

Socks may be high or low socks, and they should be a solid color—either black, white, or navy blue. If girls would like to wear solid-colored tights, they should be black, navy, or white.


Students wishing to wear a light jacket or sweater in the classroom must purchase an FCA Mesquite jacket or sweater from Affordable Uniforms. Both fleece zip-up jackets and cardigan sweaters are available for purchase. Students may not wear other jackets or cardigans in the classroom.