Founders Classical Academy offers a wide array of clubs and activities that complement our classical curriculum. The schedule of currently available clubs is available on the school calendar.

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Journalism Club (7-12)
Mrs. Solorzano
The school paper, The Quill in the Quiver, provides an opportunity for students to showcase their creativity and practice their writing outside of the classroom. Additionally, it connects students with faculty, staff, and each other through engaging interviews and opinion pieces. Finally, it provides students and faculty with entertaining articles, poems, stories, and illustrations. An archive of previous issues can be found here. 

Latin Club
Dr. Hicks
The Latin club promotes interest in the Latin Language and Roman culture and civilization beyond what is typically covered in Latin or History classes. The Latin club will consider a serious project in which they can learn more about some significant aspect of the Romans and then give back to the community of parents, students, and faculty at Founders Classical Academy of Leander.

French Club (3-6)
Ms. Chojnacki
In French Club, students have the opportunity to explore French culture and learn some basics of the French language. The French Club takes a “tour” of French monuments, art, music, and history; and students will discover France’s influence in the Western heritage. The goal of French Club is to cultivate an appreciation of French history and culture and gain some French vocabulary along the way. Active and potential Francophiles welcome!

National Honor Society (10-12)
Mr. Frost
Membership in our chapter of the National Honor Society is extended to students in Grades 10-12 who have been enrolled for at least one full semester and have established a reputation for scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Students are selected by Upper School teachers appointed by the Headmaster to the Faculty Council, which will convene each semester to consider and vote on whether to approve individual candidates for membership. Students selected as members are encouraged and challenged to continue practicing the virtues for which they have been recognized by maintaining a minimum 3.7 cumulative GPA, adhering to a high standard of moral conduct, and participating in individual and group service projects.

Scholastic Bowl (6-12)
Mr. Skorup
Scholastic Bowl is a nationally-recognized extracurricular based on academic trivia and friendly competition. Student engage as members of teams in a fast-paced game-show format, answering challenging questions in subjects such as history, math, science, literature, art, music, pop culture, and more. By encouraging and rewarding serious intellectual skill in a fun atmosphere, Scholastic Bowl supports the mission of Founders Classical Academy.

Science Club (3-12)
Mr. Frost and Mrs. Barkocy
Science Club aims to expose students to truth through Science and the related world around them. In the Grammar school, the goal is to assist students with thinking through the Scientific Method and explore hands-on Science Concepts. The Upper school aims to engage in deeper discussions about topics that have worldly implications (biotechnology, nuclear energy, etc.)

Key Club (9-12)
Ms. Harris
The mission of Key Club is to offer opportunities “to provide service, build character, and develop leadership.” Its members will work together to better their school and build their community, creating habits in responsibility, friendship, and citizenship. Through service to others, students promote the core virtues of Founders Classical Academy and practice their instruction in good character and civic virtue.

Baseball Club (7-12)
Mr. Peterson
Baseball Club is for all upper school students interested in learning and practicing baseball or softball skills. We will work on throwing, fielding, and hitting, and make occasional trips to a nearby field to have scrimmages. The purpose of the club is to twofold: on the one hand, to have fun learning the fundamentals of our nation’s greatest sport; on the other, to gauge students’ interest and skill in the sport with a view toward the possibility of offering baseball and/or softball as a spring sport in the future.

Four Square Club (K-12)
Mr. McClallen

Rugby Club (6-12)
Mr. Lyon
Rugby club aims to introduce students to the ancient and increasingly popular sport of rugby football. First played in 1823, rugby is the ancestor of modern football as we know it in the United States. Rugby made its return to the Olympics this year and was wildly successful there. Rugby club will teach new players basic skills and will refine the abilities of more experienced men and women.

Soccer Club (7-12)
Mr. Baker and Mr. Vega
Members of the soccer club will cultivate a better understanding and appreciation for “The Beautiful Game”. They will learn proper technique on the ball for dribbling, passing, and shooting. Points of strategy will also be presented, such as positioning on the field and passing sequences. Activities will include a mix of drills, possession games, and scrimmages.

Ultimate Frisbee Club (7-12)
Mr. McClallen

Grammar School Art Club
Ms. Lash

Upper School Art Club
Ms. Johnson

Grammar School Orchestra
Mrs. Evans

Upper School Orchestra
Mrs. Morrow

Jazz Band 
Mrs. Evans

Upper School Choir
Mrs. Morrow