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Quest Middle School

Quest Middle School Launches EAST Initiative

Before sixth grader R.J. Coleman came to Quest Middle School® of West Little Rock, he started a bank. R.J. did this through the EAST (Environmental and Spatial Technology) Initiative at his school, which gives...

NASA Helps iSchool High STEM Students Experiment in Zero-Gravity

Students from iSchool High STEM in Lewisville tested their experiment in zero-gravity with the help of NASA. The experiment tests how zero-gravity affects the human heart. NASA selected their experiment for testing aboard a special NASA plane...
Mainland Preparatory Academy

With Uncertainty Gone, Parents Flock to Mainland Preparatory Academy to Enroll their Children

B rooklyn and Jaelyn Burnett find it difficult to sit still while their mother Melanie Burnett fills out paperwork to re-enroll them for kindergarten at Mainland Preparatory Academy in LaMarque. The twin sisters poke and...

Young Mother to Valedictorian, Student’s Determination to Succeed

Fernanda Ochoa was 14 years old with a three day old baby when her mother enrolled her at Premier High School of Pharr/MacAllen. Motivated by the desire for her new son to be proud...